Breeze Powder Comfort 2.1 Kgs

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Product Type: Detergent Powder
Brand: Breeze
Speciality: Comfort
Weight: 2.1kg
Origin: Malaysia
Quality: 100% Original.
Breeze provides 5 benefits in 1 detergent powder. It penetrates into the fabric and leaves no residue, cleans in minutes, has a fresh fragrance, keeps colors bright, and is gentle on your hands.
Breeze Power Clean is very effective in removing stains. Save your time and energy with Breeze Power Clean.
5 total signs of complete care for coloured clothes:
1. Clean and stain free
2. Shiny bright colours
3. Fresh and clean smell
4.Clean like new
5. Helps keep colour from fading
6. Long Lasting Perfume
1. Apply & rub a little liquid onto tougher stain before putting into washing machine
2. Pour 1 cap to wash 15-20 clothes, hand wash or machine

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Weight2100 g


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