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Product details of Organic Coconut Milk Ceylon Naturals-400ml -Sri Lanka
Brand: Ceylon Naturals
Weight: 400ml
Origin: Sri Lanka
USDA Organic
t aids in weight loss.Coconut milkis rich in short and medium chain triglycerides that are considered to behealthyfats. …
It contains antioxidants. …
Electrolyte balance. …
Prevents heart disease. …
Strengthens the immune system. …
Prevention of anemia. …
Healthyhair and skin. …
Anti-inflammatory properties.
Coconut milk is a white substance that is extracted from the flesh of mature brown coconuts. It has been used for years as an ingredient in desserts, soups, and sauces. It is a popular component of Indian, Thai, Hawaiian and South American cuisines. The process of extraction involves grating the fleshy part of the fruit and soaking it in hot water. The cream that forms on the surface of the liquid is collected to be used as coconut cream while the remaining liquid is then sieved and separated from the pulp to obtain the coconut milk. Nowadays, you can simply buy this product off the shelf in any department store. If you are having bone or joint pain then a diet rich in coconut milk.

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Weight 400 g


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