Fairy Lemon 750 ml

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This Lemon dishwashing liquid soap gives the cleaning power you can Always trust for your washing up and with its concentrated formula, It cuts through the toughest grease instantly, leaving your dishes spotless and sparkling clean every time. From crockery and glasses, to pots and pans, this powerful dishwashing detergent easily wipes the grime away no matter the challenge. Effective and efficient, just one drop of it goes a long way. Benefit from more washes and brilliant clean that lasts with this Lemon. Effective on 100% of greases (food greases) Keeps dishes sparkling clean Incredible grease-cutting and stain-removing power Concentrated formula and long-lasting suds for more cleaning power Good for everyday dishes: from glasses to pots and pans Pleasant scent around the sink during the washing up Available in a range of scents and sizes.

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