Giffard Passion Fruit Syrup 1000ml


A very large range of pure sugar, highly flavoured and colourful syrups which have been pasteurized to ensure perfect preservation. The Giffard syrups have been specially created for professional bartenders in the cocktails and bar industry. Giffard syrups can be used in many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (mocktails, milkshakes, smoothies or granitas).

Giffard Passion Fruit Syrup: Pure sugar syrup made from concentrated juice and the natural aroma of passion fruit. No preservatives.

Tasting notes: Very fresh aroma and generous flavour of the passion fruits (lychee, papaya, mango …)

How to drink it: Dilute with water or sparkling water. In cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, fizzy, and smoothie.

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