Hamdard Rooh Afza 800ml pakhistani

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Rooh Afza is based on Tibb-E-Unani formulation which contains: refined sugar, aqua fruits, aqua keora, aqua rose, aqua flowers, color fd&c. (Red 40), and preservatives.
Rooh Afza has been referred to as ‘the red drink’
Room Afza’s cooling effect is long-lasting For it not only instantly quenches the thirst but also rapidly cools the entire system
It is a syrup-like concentrate that is mixed with water (or whatever the user wishes) to make a sweet drink
The ‘saveur’ magazine of the USA a renowned authority on food and drink – who, in 2007, not only listed it among the top ten brands of the world in its list of 100 but called it a ‘heavenly elixir’.
Room Afza has received a “halal certificate” and also received a certificate from the Pakistan standard & quality control authority (psqca) for its best and consistent quality
Product of Pakistan

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